About Us

The whole "adult" thing is played out, anyway

For years, we dreamed of what our perfect clothing brand would look like. Centered around nostalgic influences from both of our visions of childhood, the products would make you feel as true to your inner, little self as possible, It would be a positive force in our community, bringing people of all walks of life together as it collaborated with other creators. We shared these ideas, designs, and passions with one another, knowing that one day it would all be realized. Now, we're both finally ready to bring that vision to the world!  
Immature is a female-owned company of two best friends, Lolly and Ella. You may have seen us online or at various ABDL events throughout the USA. We've both enjoyed ABDL and ageplay from an early age, and connected through that shared interest, but initially what really made us click was our love for fashion. It's been a huge part of our friendship from the very first conversation, so to be able to pursue these passions together is extra special.  

We aim to not only provide the community with clothing and accessories that enhance this rich and fulfilling lifestyle, but to be a source of fun and positivity for everyone. An integral choice in bringing about this vision of positivity and community enrichment is striving to provide a range of sizes that accommodate diverse body types. As a small start-up, this is a value that we consistently work toward and put effort into improving, and as time goes on will be more and more reflected in our product offerings.

Both of us are so excited to share our creative vision with you, and we hope that you will join us on this fun, colorful, nostalgic journey!

-Ella and Lolly